Behan ki chudai in bathroom

10When I was around 7 years, my cousin was 14 years old. I ran into their house and searched for my cousin everywhere. When my aunt told she was in her room, me, without thinking ran into her room and that was the first time I saw her naked boobs. She was getting dressed for the function. I immediately turned around and came out of the room. I cursed myself for not knocking before entering the room. I guess even she was not used to lock her door to get dressed, after all she just reached her puberty, how would she know. But slowly my thoughts went on to her boobs. At that time I didn’t get it. She was flat chested a year ago and how did she have boobs now. She developed medium sized boobs by then. I still remember asking my mom innocently why her chest size increased.

My mom took me aside and said I shouldn’t ask such type of questions regarding girls. But she told me that my cousin has become a grown woman, that’s the reason for the changes in her body. She also told me that they were organizing this function to celebrate her becoming a woman. Though I understood partially what she meant, I was still little confused. After completing her tenth standard, my cousin shifted to our house as her college was nearby to our apartments. My cousin wasn’t a shy kind of a girl. We were so close that she didn’t mind changing clothes in the room where I was there. She used to ask me to turn around and she would get dressed. And I also didn’t have any problem with it. I never thought of her in a wrong way.

When I was around 17 years I left to US for my further education. A year after I left, she got married to a guy from Chennai. I couldn’t attend the wedding due to my education. I stayed in US for a good 8 years. I completed my graduation, post graduation and worked in a company for 2 years. During my 8 years in US, I visited my parents only 3 times. Due to my packed schedule I couldn’t meet anyone else including my cousin. We used to stay in Hyderabad and she shifted to Chennai after her wedding. When I came back to Hyderabad to visit my parents, I decided not to go back and started job hunting here in India. I got selected in a couple of companies but I liked my pay a company offered. But the problem was that I had to work in Chennai for a year and can shift to Hyderabad after that. I didn’t want leave my parents. That was the reason I couldn’t go back to US. But my parents convinced me as it was only for a year. I also agreed and said I would go 15 days before my joining date as I had to search for a new house to stay. I completely forgot that my cousin was staying there. When my cousin’s parents came to visit my parents, they said I could stay at my cousin’s apartments. I readily accepted it, as was very close to my cousin and I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable there. My uncle got in contact with my cousin and said she was more than happy for me to stay there.

After a few days I left to Chennai. I spoke to my cousin before starting from Hyderabad. She gave me her address and asked me take a cab from the airport. It took me a good 40 minutes to reach her home from the airport. After getting off the cab, I directly went to her apartment, which was on the third floor and the flats didn’t have a lift. I carried all my luggage through the stairs. When I was about to ring the bell the door opened. A guy came out the house and asked who I was. Behind him was my cousin. She immediately took a bag from my hand and asked me to get in. The guy was none other than her husband.

After all the formalities we got settled down on the sofa. My cousin’s husband (Rakesh) said he was getting late for his work and left. My cousin and I chatted for some time. It’s been almost 8 years since we met. She spoke about her wedding, husband, his business and my parents. After that she asked me to freshen up and take rest for some time. Saying so, she showed my room. It was small room with no attached bathroom. In fact the whole apartment was small. It was a two bedroom apartment with a small kitchen, dining room and a hall. None of the bedrooms had an attached bathroom. The only bathroom was behind the dining room. But despite its size, it was a very well kept house. It was neat and clean. Both the bedrooms had air conditioning and there was a cooler in the hall.

While I got ready to take a bath, my cousin came to me and apologized me about the small apartment. She said, this apartment was lucky for them, as Rakesh succeeded in his business only after coming to this apartment. She also said within two months they would shift to their independent house which is under construction right now. After they would shift, she asked me to stay in this apartment for free as she felt this would bring me luck. I happily accepted the offer and asked her not to feel bad about the size of this apartment. I said I was more than happy to stay with a person whom I am pretty close to.

Two months passed by within no time. I adjusted myself to my new style of life. I made few friends in my office. I also became pretty close to Rakesh and all three of us use to have good times during the weekends. Their new house is yet to be completed. I guess it would take another two months for them to shift. I bought a new car and I was happy with my life and felt, for a 25 year old I am settled. Even my cousin and her husband were happy with the way things were turning out for them. From my cousin I learnt that they were planning for kids. She said it was already too late for them to not to have kids. I felt she was right. She was 32 years old and her husband was 35 years. Anyways it was better late than never. One fine day, Rakesh has left to his office. That was the usual routine, he use leave by 9:00am and I use to leave by 10:00am. But he use to get back home early. By 5:00pm he use to be back and it would be around 7:00pm by the time I got back home.

That day, as usual he left for work. I was having my breakfast. Usually at this time, my cousin use to take a bath after cooking for her husband and me. After taking bath, she would shout from the bathroom and I would turn away from her. While I looked away from her, she ran into her room. I don’t know if she was naked or had a towel wrapped around or was in her lingerie. In fact I never thought about as I was used to this from a very young age. This system was followed every day. That particular day while she was in the bathroom, I got a call from my boss asking me to start to the office immediately. Without finishing my breakfast, I washed my hands and shouted to my cousin that I was leaving and asked her to come out in two minutes to lock the main door.

Saying so, I ran downstairs. After getting close to my car I remembered that I left my keys upstairs. I again ran all the way up and opened the door. As I opened the door my cousin came out of the bathroom. After seeing in what state she was, I immediately came out and closed the door. She was just in her petticoat and bra. I cursed myself for going in without knocking the door. I didn’t what to do next, so I waited for her to open the door. As expected she opened the door and started laughing. I gave her a confused look and said I came for the car keys. After taking my keys, when I was about to go out, she said the way I came into the house made her remember the episode during her mature function. I blushed a little bit and said good bye and left. After finishing my work for the day, I had some more time before I left the office.

I thought of taking permission from my boss and leave. But the incident in the morning embarrassed me a lot. I thought it was better to go home after Rakesh. While thinking about the incident my cousin’s image flashed in front of me. She looked like a typical south Indian wife. She was about 5’3″. Though she wasn’t fat, she was chubby. Had huge boobs which were also typical for a south Indian. There wasn’t excessive fat on her but her tummy area had some fat. Especially around her belly button and her hips. She was brownish in complexion. And had amazing curves. That day morning, she tied her petticoat below her tummy and wore a tight bra, which was hardly holding her boobs in place. To be frank she was exactly opposite to the cousin I have known. She was slim and had no fat whatsoever on her. Though she was hot in those days, she looks even sexier now. Thinking all about this has made my dick hard with pre-cum. After realising whom I was thinking about, I was ashamed. I thought this was all wrong and tried to get diverted from this topic.

After I got back to home, my cousin and Rakesh were watching TV. They were waiting for me to have dinner. Within 5 minutes, I freshened up and we all had dinner together. After some time they both said they would go to sleep and left to their room. I sat in the sofa and started watching TV. I kept the volume really low so that it wouldn’t disturb them. After 10 minutes, I heard my cousin saying that she would go and take a bath. I didn’t want to embarrass myself again, so I switched off the TV and ran onto my room. The next Rakesh left to his office and as usual my cousin was having a bath and I was having breakfast. She shouted from the bathroom asking me to look away. I didn’t know why but for the first time I wanted to see her in what way she goes into her room. I never thought of her in a wrong way but I was just curious to know what she was wearing at that time. I took out my phone, switched on the camera and placed in front of me in such a way that I could record when she came out.

Within seconds, she went her room and asked me continue with my work. I immediately took the phone and played the video. I was feeling guilty about it but I was also curious to watch the video. The video wasn’t too clear as there was too much flare in it. There was too much light from her backside. But what I could make out is that she was in the same way in which I saw her the previous day. Just like before she was wearing a petticoat and a bra. While she walked into her room, I could make out her huge boobs, ass and the awesome figure in her silhouette. I couldn’t control myself anymore. I ran into the bathroom and masturbated watching the video. But after my pleasure I fell really bad about what I did. I forcefully deleted the video and left to my office. All during the day I was thinking about the morning’s episode only. At the end of the day I came to a decision that I should never think about her in that way.

The very next day, when I was having my breakfast, she was in the bathroom. The moment she asked me to turn around, I found something which I didn’t notice all these days. At the corner of the room there was a glass piece which was causing a faint reflection of everything behind me. I fought hard with my mind to not to look at the glass piece. But my mind got better of my heart when I raised my head saw the reflection, my cousin passed through it. Today she was wrapped in a towel. The towel was almost as high as her thighs. After she got into the room, i couldn’t stay anymore and wanted to leave.

But when I finished my breakfast and about to leave, my cousin called me into her room. Wondering why she called me, I entered the room. She was standing beside her bed in her petticoat and blouse. I could see her midriff, it was extremely sexy. She asked me hook her blouse which had its hooks at the back. I didn’t understand why she was asking me to hook. While I was helping her, she told that all her blouses generally have the hooks at the front and few had theirs at the back. Generally Rakesh helps her out it seems, but today he wasn’t there, so she asked me to help. Being a tall guy of 6’1″, I could see her cleavage from the back. I couldn’t understand why I was getting into situations like this. I was cursing myself inside but I couldn’t take my eyes of her cleavage. After hooking her blouse, I ran into the bathroom once again and masturbated. It was getting tough for me to not to think about her, so I took decision about it. I decided to enjoy myself by just looking her but not to move any step further. In fact I never had thought of having sex with her in my mind. It just didn’t hit my mind.

The next day was Saturday, Rakesh had some work and he has left. Only I and my cousin were at the apartment. That day my cousin decided to clean the home. For this she asked my help. I accepted it readily. She was wearing a saree. When we decided to start the work, she lifted her saree, knee high and tucked it into her petticoat. She was wearing a blouse like the ones which had the shape of her boobs. Nowadays the blouses are without the shape. She tucked her pallu also into the petticoat. After some work, her pallu settled in between her boobs. I could see her blouse, tummy and below her thighs. I was cleaning the shelves at the top and she was cleaning them below. I could see more than her cleavage. I was enjoying myself a lot. But all this time I never thought about sex. I just wanted to see whatever she was showing me. After some time when I was cleaning the fan also I could see her cleavage. It was the view of my life. Though previously I have seen many boobs, I have never seen Indian boobs. This was something I always wanted to see after returning to India. Being Chennai, all the work has made us sweat badly.

For the first time, what I could notice were her nipples through her blouse. The sweat has made her blouse wet and fortunately she didn’t wear a bra that day. Her areola wasn’t that big, but it was bigger than the ones I have seen abroad. As she didn’t wear a bra that day whenever she moved fast to clean something, her boobs moved rapidly. That’s it I couldn’t stop anymore. If she saw me, she would definitely notice the bulge in my boxers. I said I had to use the restroom and saying so, I went into the bathroom and masturbated once again. After finishing our work, she said she had to take a bath.

While she was having a bath, I was planning on how to see her when she got out. I was lost in thoughts and my cousin called me suddenly. She said she has forgotten her towel and asked me if I could give her the towel and any saree from her wardrobe. I took the towel and a saree from the wardrobe. I made sure that the blouse of the saree had the hooks at the back and I left the blouse on her bed. I gave her the towel and just the saree. I waited with bated breath for her to come out. I thought she would ask me to turn around before coming out, but she didn’t say anything. She came out of the bathroom, gave me a smile and went into her room. She was wearing her saree but without the blouse. When she walked into her room, I could make out that she was wearing her bra. From behind the view was awesome. Her back with the bra strap made the view more amazing. I loved it but I felt bad as she wore a bra. I guess she must have had one inside. As expected she called me in and asked me to hook her blouse. While helping her out, I made sure that I felt her whole back.

This continued for the next few days. I tried to catch a glimpse of her naked parts whenever possible. Most of the time, I could see her cleavage or her midriff, nothing more than that. One particular night, one phase of the apartment had a power cut. My room and the kitchen didn’t have any power. Rakesh asked me to sleep along with them. But I didn’t accept it. I convinced him that I would sleep in the hall, on the sofa. I made myself comfortable on the sofa. While I was about to sleep, I heard moans from my cousins room. They were having sex at that time. This was unbearable for me. I didn’t know what to do. I slowly got up from the sofa, went near their room and tried to see through the key hole. I couldn’t see anything as their bed was not opposite to the door. I felt bad about my luck and got on to the sofa.

After sometime my cousin slowly came out of the room. She was in her petticoat and covered her top part with a towel. The sofa was in such a position that it was exactly opposite to the bathroom. After ten minutes I heard the bathroom door opening. I quickly acted as if I was asleep. The street light from the window was falling exactly on the bathroom door.

When my cousin walked out of the bathroom, it was the sight I have been waiting for. She was wearing only her petticoat. She wasn’t wearing anything on the top. She was wiping herself with the towel and walking into her room. Her boobs were juggling while she was walking. Her petticoat was tied below her tummy. The picture of her being topless froze in my mind. I was masturbating on the sofa itself. When I was about to cum, I stood up with my dick in my hand and started running towards the bathroom. As I was near the dining table, cousin came out her room. That minute we both were frozen in our spot. She was still topless and I was with my dick in my hand. Cum just burst out my dick on to the floor. We were still frozen in our place. After two minutes we got back to our senses.

I ran into the bathroom and got myself cleaned. I came out of the bathroom looking towards my cousin’s room. The room door was bolted from outside. I was little confused and turned. To my surprise, my cousin was still topless and was cleaning all cum the off the floor. I felt really ashamed. I also went towards and helped her cleaning. Seeing me, she covered her boobs with one hand and continued cleaning with the other. We didn’t speak even a single word while cleaning. After cleaning all the cum, she covered her boobs with both the hands and went into her room. Though I was feeling really guilty about what has happened, the picture of her cleaning the floor topless, trying to cover her boobs with one hand and later with both the hands, her tummy, all were registered in my mind. The next day we didn’t speak a single word. But while I was having my breakfast, she didn’t call me from the bathroom but came out with a towel and a petticoat. This continued for the next ten days.

Once, on a Saturday, while her husband was not at home she came into my room and sat beside me on the bed. She said that someone needed to break the ice and she has taken the initiative. She asked me not to worry about the incident as it was common for boys to masturbate when they are single. She also said that not to feel embarrassed as I saw her topless and she saw my dick. We were used to this from a very young age. She has also seen my dick from when I was a kid. As she wasn’t a shy kind of a person, she said seeing her topless wasn’t a big deal and she wouldn’t feel bad even if the incident repeated. But she warned me about Rakesh as if he catches me masturbating, it wouldn’t look good and he wouldn’t take it as light as her. Saying so, she left the room. I was relived after she spoke to me. I felt what she told was true and we continued our lives like earlier. But now we have become closer. We started discussing about girls, my ex girl friends. Rakesh. We even discussed about her sex life. Though not in a detailed manner, she mentioned that she was really happy with it. We became so close that she didn’t mind coming out of the bathroom in her bra and petticoat. But what she didn’t know was that, she was the queen of my fantasies. Nowadays she wasn’t covering her cleavage or was walking freely in her bra in front of me.

Once while I got back from my office, my cousin was waiting for me. When I inquired what happened. She said that they fixed a match for me and I had to go to Hyderabad to see the girl in two weeks. I was pretty happy and asked if she had any photos. She opened her ipad and showed me the pics. The girl was amazing at least from the pics. Without seeing her directly I Okayed the match. After a couple of days I got the girls number. I called her the next day and we started talking regularly. Within a month we have become very close. I even went to Hyderabad during a weekend and met her. Our marriage was fixed and it was after three months. I use to share everything about the girl with my cousin. I even told my cousin all our personal talks. My cousin was very happy for me. After few days my cousin’s new house was completed and they would shift to that house within two weeks as Rakesh had to go to US for a business meeting for two weeks. They would shift after he got back.

After Rakesh left to US, one day my cousin called me into her room. She was holding her bra in place but it wasn’t hooked. She asked me to hook them. By that I got used to seeing her in bra, I didn’t feel anything weird. She even asked me to hook her blouse after wearing it. This repeated for the next two days. On the third day, as usual when I went into the room, she wasn’t having any bra in place but wore it after I entered her room. Even this wasn’t that weird for me. The next day, while I was having my breakfast, she came out the bathroom. But what surprised me this time was that she wasn’t wearing her petticoat. She covered her top part with a towel and at the bottom she wore just a panty.

After sometime, she called me into the room. She was topless and wearing a petticoat. She searched for her bra topless in front of me for 5 minutes. Though most of the time my thoughts were about my girl friend, this was too much for me. Watching my cousin like this every day was making me hornier. Her jiggling boobs while she was searching has made my dick harder. I felt like grabbing her boobs but controlled myself from taking such a drastic step. After she found her bra, she wore it asked me to hook it. I did as she said and as usual she wore her blouse asked me to hook it but this time the hooks where in the front. For the first time I felt weird about this but continued to hook them without questioning her.

I could feel her boobs while hooking her blouse. After hooking them, i rushed out of the house and left to my office. The next two days weren’t that eventful from my cousin’s side, but it was from my fiancée’s side. We both became so close that we had sex chats over the phone, a couple of times. The next she said she has a gift for me. She asked open my after I got back to my apartment. As soon as I reached my apartment, I sat at the table opened my laptop and opened the mail. My cousin was in her room. And the mail had the nude photos of my fiancée. This was the best gift ever for me. My fiancée was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She was 5’6″, fair in complexion, 34D boobs, awesome butt, amazing curves and a flat tummy. She was a perfect girl any boy would have wished for.

After seeing the photos, without thinking I undressed myself and contacted my fiancée through web chat. After making sure that no one was beside her she also undressed her and we started a sex chat. We were making all kinds of noises which definitely could be heard by my cousin. In the heat of the moment, I completely forgot about my cousin in the other room. After we both had an orgasm we closed the chat. At this point I suddenly remembered about my cousin. Without wearing a dress, I slowly went near her room. I could hear soft moaning from her room. Without making a sound, I peeped into her room. She was masturbating using a sex toy. She wasn’t my side so I couldn’t see her pussy and she was wearing her blouse. I ran back into my room grabbing all my things at the table but I forgot to take my laptop. It had the photos of my fiancée and was left opened.

After half an hour, when I came out of my room, I found my cousin looking at the photos. She called me near me and started discussing about her body. She praised her curves and the way she maintained them. All of a sudden, she asked me if I liked her curves more or my fiancée’s curves more. I said I like my fiancée’s more as I didn’t see my cousins properly. She looked at me angrily and said she had to take bath and went into the bathroom. I was in such a situation that it was all confusing for me. I didn’t know how to react. After five minutes, my cousin came out of the bathroom. That’s it I thought to myself. I am doomed. My cousin was only in her panty and wasn’t wearing anything else. She came near me and asked me how her curves were. I wasn’t in a position to speak. I was dumbstruck. She stood there for 10 minutes without moving. I was just ogling at her. Her huge boobs, sexy curves, hot tummy and her solid thighs. I badly wanted to see her pussy. But I was too scared to say anything.

After 10 minutes she left to her room. I got up from the chair and followed her but when I reached her room she closed. I didn’t know if I should wait here or go in. While I was still thinking she called me in. With slight hesitation I went in. She was in her bra and petticoat. She asked me to come closer. After I went closer, she showed a rope, which was used to tie the petticoat, was tangled. She asked me to help her to remove it. I sat down in front of her and tried to remove it, but in vain. I got closer to her and started using my teeth to untangle it. While I was trying to untangle it, I caught her hips. The soft curves were in my hand. I squeezed them hard. I slowly moved the tangled part from side to the front ahead of her pussy, using my mouth. There was small hole near the part where you tie the petticoat. When I moved it to the front, her pussy hair was visible. She wasn’t wearing any panty. Looking at her pussy, I left the rope and started kissing her pussy. She was running her hand through my hair.

Then I lifted her petticoat and put it over me and started kissing her pussy. After 5 minutes, I got out, pulled her down and started kissing her. We both were kissing in kneel down position. I hugged her tightly and started caressing her back with one hand and gripped tightly with the other. She also repeated the same thing. I slowly unhooked her bra and removed it. She removed my T-shirt and started kissing my chest. I pushed her back and started sucking her boobs. This was the most heavenly feeling I ever had. I groped the other breast with on hand and pressed hard in a wild manner. She shouted in pain. I made her lie on the floor. Still sucking one boob and groping the other, I out my other hand under her petticoat and started rubbing her pussy. After sometime, I tore apart her petticoat and that was the first view of her pussy. It was like mini Amazon forest. You could easily tangle your fingers in it. I then removed my pant and underwear. She touched my dick and felt it for some time. She started sucking it slowly at first but after sometime she increased the speed. I was in heaven. It has been so long that someone else has touched my dick apart from me.

After some time I came in her mouth. She pulled it out and made some cum fall on the floor. I made her stand up against the wall and started licking her pussy. While still licking, my hands were playing with her boobs. By now she was moaning loudly. She had her first orgasm after some time. I didn’t mind drinking all of her fluids. I didn’t stop there and continued eating her pussy. She was unable to take it anymore. She moved extremely against the wall. She gripped me so hard that her nails dug into my shoulders. In fact in the pain, I pulled her down and bit her boobs so hard that she pushed me back and started slapping me. I caught her hand and started biting her neck. My teeth dug deep into her neck. She again pushed me back, slapped me so hard that it angered me more. But she was pretty dominating. She slapped me once again, caught hold my head and put it between her legs.

She then held my head tightly between her legs and made me eat her pussy again. She again got up and mad me lie on the floor and sat on my face. I continuously ate her pussy for twenty minutes. After that, it was my turn, I pushed her back and got into 69 positions. When I was ready once again, I forcefully pulled my dick out of her mouth and inserted in her pussy. She started shouting as I started fucking her. She shouted that her husband’s dick was a lot smaller compared to mine. She was shouting so loud that most our neighbours must have heard. After a good fuck, I came inside her. She then pushed me aside and still hasn’t stopped breathing heavily. I put my head on her boobs and started playing with the fat around her hips and belly button.

For the next one week, we had sex for almost more than 20 times. Within the next three months I got married and we settled in Hyderabad. But whenever I get a chance, I and my cousin book a hotel room and have sex in Chennai. And from what I have heard is that her kid looks exactly like me………..

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