sex with my sis in joint family-part 1

002-indian-girl-praju-nudeIt was beginning of 21st century when I gained my puberty, as you all know that as we gain puberty & knowledge about sex we spend our most of time in trying to discover more about this wonderful secret, I too was fascinated with this & used to spend most of the time trying to discover something new, peeking in neighborhood ladies & girls to get some glance of deep cleavages, juicy thighs etc My first sexual encounter was my cousin sister nitu, till then I was only have theoretical knowledge about sex & was dying to have a practical one, we had a joint family comprising of 10 peoples, my grand parents, my uncle aunty their two children, my parents & my elder sis. We have a family business each contributing according to his capabilities. At that time I was in class 8,, I had a healthy gang having no leader, we were boss of our colony, I was introduced to sex by my close friend amay he was a failure but was quite cunning in all these things, we shared our views related to sex, boobs, pussy etc. but we never succeeded in any practical kind of thing, we had to pacify ourselves by pics of semi-nude girls in bikini, bra & panty, it was a huge achievement for us to have a look at those sensual pics, I was quite attracted to my aunt she was fair, fleshy n I must say very beautiful, I tried many times peeking on her but she knew my intentions so every time I was peeking I was caught but she never complained or changed her behavior for me,.

This story is of her daughter nitu who was 2 years younger than me, equally beautiful n sexy like her mother, she was at that time gaining puberty & her body was gaining flesh in required regions, she has a curvy figure & a deadly smile with killer lips which I bet I wd rub my cock on it for forever of my life, her ass is so soft & silky, I cant forget the first time I held them I cant forget the soft touch, every time I rub my cock it’s a new feeling, I never had any intentions towards her, till one day, it was our winter vacations, our house had three bed rooms, a hall, a kitchen & a big garden, during those days my mom & didi were out of town, I & my cousins were having a awesome vacations, during one of those days, afternoon we had lunch & were planning for afternoon nap, when we three decided to sleep together in grandparents room, it was a huge bed so not a big problem.

I at the right end, my sis in middle & my younger brother at the left end, we were chatting & slowly sleep engulfed my younger brother & me, suddenly I got disturbed by something pulling, it was because during sleep, I had turned close towards my sis & my right hand was rubbing her ass, at that time she was wearing a frock inside it was skimpy panty, the frock had moved upwards, by which my full palm was on her big soft bun, I was enjoying the smooth touch, it went for around 15 minutes, suddenly there was a moment from my sis, her back was towards me, she pushed her ass towards me as is she wanted to crush my hand with her ass, I too moved a bit further pushing my hands in her ass, that moment was something not less than heaven, a dream come true.

Now, I decided to check whether she was sleeping or was awake as she was young & anxious about all this things, moreover she liked my touch, I moved my hand away from her ass, after a minute or two, she gave a moment & pushed her body towards me without turning. I was ready for this situation so I moved away, she waited for 5 minutes, growing impatient she poked me, signaling me to please rub her ass without looking towards me, till now both of us were covered in a blanket & our eyes were shut,

I moved a bit & left my hand close to her ass I was not touching her ass at the moment, next time she moved her hand back in order to poke me, she got my hands resting behind her ass, she pulled my hand, but I acted as if I was in deep sleep & acted like a dead man with no life, she poked & pulled my hand thrice but failed, growing impatient she caught hold of my hand & kept them between her inner thighs on her wet leaking pussy (hello, there was a panty between her pussy n my palm), that moment was something that I would sell myself, I got thousand volt of current, my body got cold only my palm was having senses, it was sensing the warmth, the wetness, the holiness of the whole universe, that moment was quite indescribable, I moved closer to my sis, now we were both out of the boxes so there was no shame or restrictions between us, I rubbed her pussy over her skimpy panty which was badly wet, her body was twitching & wriggling with excitement, I was totally new to this till now I haven’t seen any pussy so you can well judge that I haven’t touched something like this, slowly my rubbing got a bit harder, now I wanted to explore more so I moved her panty aside & now a direct touch to the world of enjoyment, that was more wet as if she had peed in her pants, as I was engulfed in lust,

I slightly rubbed her pussy lips with my finger, those were so soft & slippery, I was trying to find the hole as I had knowledge that a cock enters in that hole but was unable to find that so I was poking here & there, sensing this thing my sis held my palm n placed on her clitoris & holding my palm moved her hand signaling me to rum that region, I did as she guided, meanwhile my cock was getting rock solid & ready to burst, I was helpless as I was unable to help myself, but my right hand was inside her thighs rubbing her pussy, suddenly her body jerked n there was a gush of a jelly kind of liquid from her pussy, she jerked & moved away, out of blanket towards bathroom, I too was out of control & badly needed to relieve myself so I moved towards latrine closed the door & gave myself a hand job, that day while ejaculating I got the most relieved pleasure, gaining my senses I came out, returning to my grandparents room, finding my sis missing, I searched her, she was in her parents room, so I left her there, it was already 4pm my friends were waiting for me in playground, so I got ready & left to play I returned after 6:30pm finding my sis looking at me in a strange way, passing me sensuous smile, she was staying away from me, I was getting restless as I had touched her pussy but was dying to see her pussy, I stayed near to her, so that I get some chance to explore her but not possible she stayed close to her mom, it was too risky to approach her, I didn’t stop trying but I failed, dinner time then our elders returned from shop & there was no chance to explore her so decided to have a plan for her next day.

Next day: our elders left for shop early morning, after completing my daily routine I approached my younger brother for a game of cards in my aunts room, I knew my sis would come & she came I & my bother wee sitting in such a way that she had to sit beside me & she did sit beside me, I started touching her ass from behind which she allowed, I pulled her skirt up n inserted my hands in her panty very carefully so that my brother doesn’t come to know about what we were up to, meanwhile our neighbor’s kid, my brother friend gave him a call for which he left giving his cards to his sis to play instead of him, I was thanking almighty for such a golden chance, after he left I & my sis were left in the room, her mom was in bathroom washing clothes, so no disturbances. I looked in her eyes, she was looking down into her cards, I asked her’ “nitu, did you like that?
Nitu: what?…….

Rest of the story in next part hope you all have liked my story, any ladies want to contact me please mail me at I would be thankful for your precious comments, soon I would come with the rest of the story…..

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